Garani Residence

  • Project Category: Residential
  • Project Status: Built
  • Project Location: Rajajninagar, bangalore
  • Built-Up Area: 3500sft
  • Completed Year: 2019

Site context of 1500 sqft plot area resides in the dense residential core of Bangalore. The site faces a street on the east side. All other sides are surrounded by neighbouring houses on the east and west side. The brief received was to find calmness in the chaos of daily life. The dwelling is designed for a family of a couple with two kids in which spaces are designed to cater to the daily needs that represent them to the new generation.
Façade design has an interesting element of playfulness in it, as we weaved asymmetric boxes on the lateral ends of the building and growing vertically, creating visual movement and different focal points of interest.
The studio’s perspective was focused on creating a spacious and well-lit home. Experiencing the onsite situation we felt the need to bring natural element inside the built envelope that allows them to enjoy surroundings uninterrupted without going out. This promotes well-being, health, and emotional comfort. A 20 foot tree in the living room sets the ambience and sets the mood for a relaxed living room.
Architecturally, there are many pockets of lights which were inserted through skylights which create a beautiful sequence of spaces, an interesting play of natural light and shadows to enhance the experience for the occupants. Each room is located around the double heights so that the family members can feel united and interact from all levels.
This home is an attempt of contemporary architectural space that adopts the principles of minimalism and tropical architecture and design.